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Terms and Conditions

Below is the “fine print.”   The items below are presented to help you prepare for your visit.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your use of our facilities, and the terms below help insure a trouble-free stay.  Please  contact us anytime if we can help clarify any point or to discuss your concerns.  We’re pleased to state that in the eighteen years we’ve offered these units for rental, no substantial issues have arisen.

Reservations, Deposits and Billing

  • A $600 deposit is required at time of booking.
  • Payment in full is due by first day of occupancy, except in the case of custom lengths of stay, which may have payment arrangements agreed to in writing.
  • Transactions are conducted through PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required.
  • Short-term guests must provide reasonable notice of start dates and end dates of stay, if different from original arrangements agreed to in writing.  Long-term guests must provide 30 days notice of departure if different than original agreement.
  • Deposit may be forfeited, all or in part, for last minute cancellation, damage beyond normal and reasonable wear, or abuse of provided utilities or services.
  • Monthly rates may be prorated to the next whole week.
  • The property owner assumes no risk or responsibility for guests or their property.  Guests should make no assumptions of insurance or other liability coverage for persons or property (to include pets).  Renter insurance, applicable homeowner insurance or equivalent is encouraged.
  • Guest is expected to leave facilities in a reasonable state of cleanliness upon departure.  Excessive cleaning costs made be deducted from deposit.
  • Deposit, or balance thereof, will be returned to guest within four weeks of departure via PayPal.


  • Springfield is a pet friendly neighborhood.  Walking dogs and using neighborhood dog parks are encouraged.  (It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors.)
  • Pets must be approved in writing.  Indoor pets only.
  • If pets are approved, a $350 non-refundable pet fee will be applied. 
  • Guest is responsible for interior and exterior  pet cleanup.   Damage or additional cleaning costs incurred by pets will be deducted from $500 deposit.
  • Pet owner must accompany pet at all times when pet is outdoors.
  • Pet containment in the fenced yard is not guaranteed.  
  • Owner assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for pets, pet behavior, or incidents relating to pets.  Pet owner is advised to have liability coverable for pet related incidents.
  • Make sure your pet has all of the necessary vaccinations.  (There is a great dog park / human bistro in a nearby neighborhood that both you and your dog will love.  It requires proof of vaccinations.)
  • Common areas are shared with other guests.  Please be considerate of their needs.

On-site Facilities

  • Laundry, garage, courtyard and barbecue facilities are shared with other guests.  Please be considerate.
  • Garage is shared among all guests.  Owner assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of vehicles or items stored in the garage and shared spaces.  Please be considerate of others property and mindful of security precautions.

Media Services

  • HBO Max, Hulu and Netflix subscriptions are provided with rental packages.  These services are for use by owner provided TVs and media streaming devices only.
  • Guests may utilize personal subscriptions to other media services and install appropriate applications on owner provided media streaming device.  Guests with such subscriptions should bring credentials to all such subscriptions.  Guest installed applications and credentials will be erased upon departure.
  • Owner has made reasonable efforts to insure a high quality Internet experience.  However, quality of service and service availability is not guaranteed.
  • Internet service is accessed via commonly used 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz 802.11 g/n/ac protocols. 
  • Owner assumes no responsibility or liability for guests’ online activity or incurred security threats, including, but not limited to, viruses, ransomware and other malware.  Guest is responsible for individual online security.